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  • Find a builder looking to take you on as an apprentice
  • Ask your employer if you can train with ITAB
  • Request a visit for more Information for you & your employer
  • Contact ITAB on 0800 ITABUILD

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ITAB Apprentices

Frequently Asked Questions

ITAB recommends you find a builder yourself, who’s staff and employees you have a good working relationship with, who you can learn from, take instructions and gain knowledge from.

ITAB annual fee is $150 *
Training Fees are set by each provider by generally cover:

– NZQA fees
– Training Manuals & Resources
– For more information contact your local Polytechnic

* Some Polytechnics cover the ITAB fee in the overall course cost

Yes, New Zealand Apprentices must be in full time employment and must be supported by a training plan agreed to by themselves, their employer and ITP (Polytechnic)

ITAB accredited providers (Polytechnics) are able to support each learner, tailoring the learning to an individual and managing your apprenticeship.

Yes, you can switch to ITAB without penalty of losing time served or theory components already completed.

Actually No, ITAB has been offered by accredited Polytechnics for over 15 years.

Yes, however some conditions apply for all students applying for the free fees, so it pays to talk to your ITAB provider first, to see if you are eligible.